Welcome!… I Guess…

Hello to all those whom might be concerned (which would be zero right now but hey, it’s not the first time I’ve preached to an empty church).

As you can probably tell from the image of Okuu on top and loli-Ritsu in the back (whom I so desperately want to hug and cuddle amongst other things) this blogspace will be inhabited by things of, shall we say, an Otaku-ish nature. One might expect to hear viewpoints, quite possibly, from the perspective of a geeky Otaku. One could even look out for things in line with… Okay, I’ll stop now.

This will be the place where I let out the dark sludge that I call my thoughts. As I spend way too much time indulging in the pop cultural wares of Japan, this space will obviously pertain to Anime and the works it may or may not be adapted from. This will all be from the perspective of a Moe loving, figure owning New Yorker Otaku, so keep that in mind as you read ahead to my momentarily non-existent articles.

Even though this will contain mostly my sad musings (see, I title dropped!) on the Anime series themselves as well as general issues concerning Anime production and fandom, it won’t be the only thing here. Like every other Otaku, I dabble in games but I don’t do so as much as others. I love Pokemon and have loved it since I was actually pure of mind (i.e. in the single digits) and it easily takes the cake as the game that I play the most of. You can expect to hear about Pokemon subjects from time to time. Other games, that’s kinda iffy. I have been trying (trans. trying and failing) to get into 2D fighters, specifically BlazBlue, King of Fighters and Arcana Hearts, but it has not been going well. I basically only grew up with Soul Calibur so I am pretty much an ’09er when it comes to most every single fighting game. Long story short, I love Fighting Games, but Fighting Games do not love me back (which is pretty much the story of my life on many subjects). Besides this and Pokemon, it’s basically JRPGs and Sonic for me (I own very few American made games as a result). Also, after much urging on the part of a friend and much gnashing of teeth on my part, I started playing League of Legends as of late. As for blogging about it, the jury is still out on that.

Also on a completely unrelated note, I may, once in a blue moon, talk about food. I once was in training to become a chef in the past, and I still consider myself something of a foodie (if a lapsed one). It may or may not be related to the subjects above, but it won’t be frequent for those who are not interested.

Well that was fucking long for an introductory post. If you are interested in this rabble, please stay aboard this ship of crazy to see what other wares I got to peddle. If you couldn’t stand my rabble and wish for your time back, I’m very sorry but I have a no refund policy. No thank you and don’t come back any time.

From Mahora With Love:



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