Month: June 2013

The Villain’s Choice: My Summer 2013 Watchlist

Behold my loyal fans! I, the magnificent and dastardly Villain that is Hanacha, have graced you dull and meager lives with a collection of words and punctuation that is a post! It will be thought provoking, deep and intellectual, fit only for the truest connoisseurs of the form. And it completely, positively will NOT be a filler post meant to distract until I am done with bigger and better things… What? It totally isn’t you know! I actually put thought and meaning and all that good shit into this post… Stop with that pathetic look in your face! I-I have a Death Ray you know, I am a Super Villain bitch! You won’t be laughing when I have taken the pleasure to melt off your left gonad! MUAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!! (more…)