About: The Mind of the Villain

Hello to all who are concerned.

As the title may or may not suggest, this page will mainly concern things of an Otaku nature, concerning mainly Anime and the things it may or may have not been adapted from. Other subjects may appear, like games and rarely food. But mainly Anime, not just the content of shows, but also the subjects with the fandom and the production of series.

Concerning Anime, I think it best that you know where I stand so you, reader, can decide whether to venerate or abhor me on your own terms (I do prefer it if you venerated me, I do love me some praise). I am a lover of Moe through and through, and I feel it has done wonders for how characters are portrayed and how character interactions are handled, amongst other things. I am a thorough Type B Otaku according to SanCom’s (and 2ch’s) definition (NSFW http://www.sankakucomplex.com/2010/01/16/the-two-types-of-anime-otaku/ ). I believe that Anime, and all forms of media, is entertainment first, and everything else comes second. I am a figure buyer, specifically of Figmas, and I don’t own a single male figure. In video games, if given the choice to play as a female, I will always take that choice. If I am controlling a party, I will stick in as many females as I possibly can.

Concerning this love of fake women, I played Pokemon Crystal right around when it came out, making me 9 years old at the time. Pokemon Crystal was the first Pokemon game to offer the choice of gender for the player character, either a boy or a girl. Me, the happy 9 year old boy I was, decided to play as the female PC, Kris. I have played Pokemon before and I continue to do so to this day, and I have never picked the male PC since then.

Now that you know exactly where I stand, you can either stay on this vessel of insanity or abandon ship in good conscience. If you stay, I hope you enjoy the ride. If you have already gotten into the lifeboats, then I have a strict no refunds policy on the time you may or may not have lost

From Mahora With Love:



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