Ai Mai Mi and Visuals in Current Anime

Christmas has passed and the once New Year is now the current 2013, meaning that we have a whole new year of Anime upon is which is only just beginning (and, you know, one more year toward working to our goals in life, time with friends and family and all that jazz). 2012 ended on a rather positive note as far as Anime is concerned, with the airing of Kokoro Connect’s Michi Random arc and Nekomonogatari Kuro (which technically was aired on New Years eve but was subbed later and watched by me a day or 2 into 2013 itself). Both of which were excellent continuations (well, not Nekomono in a chronological sense) to equally excellent series which I love dearly. Whether it be Kokoro’s wonderful characters and excellent drama or Monogatari’s exceptional dialogue and fantastic visuals, both in my opinion are an excellent example of the power of Anime and Animation in general as an artistic medium, just as much so as the 90’s Batman cartoon or a Miyazaki movie. And while the Monogatari series demonstrates it far more strongly, it is fair to say that the good Anime of today both looks good and has good content. Even the not so great modern day Anime still often looks good. I was not fond of Hanasaku Iroha or Guilty Crown for instance, but I can’t knock their visuals. It’s very rare nowadays that I take any major issue with visuals in Modern Anime. With the advent of HD it’s become par for the course, almost expected to have good visuals. This is pretty critical when it comes to the major character love that is one of the defining characteristics of the Japanese Otaku, the predominant buyers of the product of Anime. So… what happens when a Current Anime can’t even pass that first criteria?