Villainous Musings: Thoughts on Hibike! Euphonium’s episode 8 (SPOILERS)

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Hello to all who may listen. I will spare you peons my rich and powerful laughter at your expense, as any villain worth his salt knows only to grandstand whenever there is a crowd present. And unfortunately, whatever crowd I might have had was long since lost due to my laziness extensive planing to rule the world by means of a corn field in Nebraska (*malevolent cackling*)! No matter, I will carry on regardless: people will pay attention when they see the aftermath of my devices. As for today’s dastardly deed, we will talk of the newest show in line to be described as “K-ON with X”, Trumpet Girls Hibike! Euphonium (mwahahaha)!

Specifically, I am going to give my general thoughts on the most recent episode in the still airing series. What I mean by a “Musing” in this case is that both here and anywhere else I put the title of “Villainous Musings” I will be talking about a subject within general geekery that I deem to be fairly narrow in focus. In this case (more…)