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Villainous Musings: Thoughts on Hibike! Euphonium’s episode 8 (SPOILERS)

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Hello to all who may listen. I will spare you peons my rich and powerful laughter at your expense, as any villain worth his salt knows only to grandstand whenever there is a crowd present. And unfortunately, whatever crowd I might have had was long since lost due to my laziness extensive planing to rule the world by means of a corn field in Nebraska (*malevolent cackling*)! No matter, I will carry on regardless: people will pay attention when they see the aftermath of my devices. As for today’s dastardly deed, we will talk of the newest show in line to be described as “K-ON with X”, Trumpet Girls Hibike! Euphonium (mwahahaha)!

Specifically, I am going to give my general thoughts on the most recent episode in the still airing series. What I mean by a “Musing” in this case is that both here and anywhere else I put the title of “Villainous Musings” I will be talking about a subject within general geekery that I deem to be fairly narrow in focus. In this case (more…)


The Villain’s Choice: My Summer 2013 Watchlist

Behold my loyal fans! I, the magnificent and dastardly Villain that is Hanacha, have graced you dull and meager lives with a collection of words and punctuation that is a post! It will be thought provoking, deep and intellectual, fit only for the truest connoisseurs of the form. And it completely, positively will NOT be a filler post meant to distract until I am done with bigger and better things… What? It totally isn’t you know! I actually put thought and meaning and all that good shit into this post… Stop with that pathetic look in your face! I-I have a Death Ray you know, I am a Super Villain bitch! You won’t be laughing when I have taken the pleasure to melt off your left gonad! MUAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!! (more…)

The Villain’s Choice: My Winter 2013 Watchlist

An old season ends, as another starts anew. This Fall 2012 season has been, to me at least, a nicely varied one indeed. We have had series that have started strong but waned as they strode forward (Tonari no Kaibutsu-kun), series that were a little slow on the start but became great as they went forward (Girls und Panzer), shows that are pretty much just boring with a few upturns (Little Busters), and shows that were just all around wonderful surprises (Sakurasou no Pet na Kanojo). Concerning carryovers, for me it would be the wildly popular Sword Art Online, which also started slow but got more interesting as it went along, managing to convince me to read the light novel and gave me my recommended dose of fight scenes. We also had Chuunibyou demo Koi ga Shitai which was, if nothing else, an “interesting” experience. I am however, waiting out on giving my full opinions on the series until this season actually concludes. Chuunibyou needs a post dedicated just to it to fully encapsulate my opinions on it.

Anyway, as this season is almost over, it is time once again to decide what shows will be taking up most of my time and keeping me away from doing things which should be far more important to me. Quite a few shows I’m watching are double cour, so I am intentionally keeping my watchlist low (hey, I need to keep some semblance of life left, especially now that I am just getting into things like League of Legends and My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic. I am willingly corrupting my mortal soul more and more by the day, and I am loving every second of it. MWAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA… *ehem*)

Anyway, yet another aside before I begin, you may have noticed that I titled this post with “The Villain’s Choice.” I plan to use that title for any list-type of post, whether it be a countdown or just an unordered list, in the future.

I will list the new shows first, and the carry-overs second. Also I tend not to watch the PVs of the New Anime and go only by the image and the Moetron descriptions, because I like going in fresh (at least when it comes to new shows). I also will not list OVAs and Movies because it usually takes me forever to get to either one. So without any further wasting of precious time, onwards we go!