A Word From Drawingirl91 (a Re-Post)

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Hello readers (yes Mr. Amoeba, I am talking to you). Due to both my own like of the article and some outside urging, I wanted to call attention to this article for anyone who happens to be paying attention. This point of view may be familiar to anyone who has frequented people who are well versed in dealing with the Anti-Moe Brigade, but I feel that this article is particularly poignant, because it is from the female perspective.

Too often when we hear from the female perspective on subjects geeky, it is from the feminist (specifically sex-negative feminism) or social justice perspective. There is often rhetoric about things catering to Males as the default, or how the material within these mediums repels Women who might be interested. Well here we have, straight from the horse’s mouth, that this argument presented to us by the social justice types is not always the truth. When looked from this background, this article is very poignant.

Anyway enough of my rambling, on with Drawingirl’s article!

via I Will Probably Be in Deep Shit for Expressing My Opinions on This, But I Will Do it Anyway.


The Villain’s Choice: My Summer 2013 Watchlist

Behold my loyal fans! I, the magnificent and dastardly Villain that is Hanacha, have graced you dull and meager lives with a collection of words and punctuation that is a post! It will be thought provoking, deep and intellectual, fit only for the truest connoisseurs of the form. And it completely, positively will NOT be a filler post meant to distract until I am done with bigger and better things… What? It totally isn’t you know! I actually put thought and meaning and all that good shit into this post… Stop with that pathetic look in your face! I-I have a Death Ray you know, I am a Super Villain bitch! You won’t be laughing when I have taken the pleasure to melt off your left gonad! MUAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!! (more…)